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New Euroline Ltd







We can transport almost any kind of items from UK to Greece or Cyprus or wherever you wish in Europe. We can do also the opposite transporting from Europe to UK

Storage services


We are able to collate your items, or collect from your house or business and store them in our warehouse short term. Once all your goods are ready we can then deliver your items to the address of your choice.

Online shopping (ebay)

If you wish to buy something on line and the seller does not have the ability to send the items to Greece, we could do it for you.

Please follow the procedure:

  • Buy the goods you wish in your name (for example P……… I…………) and send them to our warehouse:


       P……. I……………..

       New Euroline Ltd

       Sopwith Way

       Dayton Fields Industrial Estate

       Daventry, NN11 8PB


  • Inform us of your delivery address and telephone numbers

  • We send your goods as soon as possible 

Do not hesitate to contact with us for any further information.


We can transport your house or business items from UK to Greece or Cyprus or where ever you wish in Europe or the opposite from Europe to UK.


We can cover the bellow transports:

  1. From one box to full loads of household goods, however small or large.

  2. Cars/vans/trailers

  3. Agricultural machinery

  4. Boats

  5. Aircraft/parts



Before you pack the items you wish to transport, please read the following:

a)         The best way to do your packing is to fill up boxes. The ideal dimensions of the boxes are 40x40x50 or 40x40x60. If also, their weight isn’t more to 20 Kg (according to Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations, 2007) you can get the best prices for your transportation.

b)         We definitely have the ability to transport any kind of items, in any volume or shape, like boxes, suitcases, skies or furniture and still in very low prices.

c)         You can buy the packing material (boxes, bubble wrap and tapes) on your own, or it can be provided by us.

d)         Cover every sensitive or breakable item using bubble wrap and close the boxes properly, using tape.

e)         Place in one or even better two positions the details of the receiver, name, city or address, depending of the final destination and phone number.

At your disposal for any further quations.


Parcels, ítems,

To discuss you transport needs then please contact us as follows:

Mobile: 07831573075


Or if it is easier for you, please send us an email outlining the dimensions and the weights of your items.



Sopwith Way, Daventry Fields Industrial Estate,

DAVENTRY, Northamptonshire,

NN11 8PB

VAT no: GB581189224

Tel:  01327700020


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For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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